Exposition “Old Sozopol”

The exposition is housed in the “Dukov’s House” in the center of the Оld town of Sozopol, at 29 Kiril i Metodiy Street. The house is an architectural monument of culture of local importance, which was maintained in its authentic look in 2016.

“Dukov’s House”

During the restoration activities, archaeological excavations were carried out, in which the remains of ancient residential buildings and structures with household functions, 4th – 2nd century BC were discovered, as well as a part of the plaza area related to them.

Archaeological excavations

The first floor of the building houses the Bulgarian – Greek Society “Apolonia”, Sozopol.

The museum exposition is located on 120 sq. m. and occupies the entire second floor of the house. The space is multi-functional, intended for temporary thematic and visiting exhibitions. The main accent is on the presentation of artifacts, discovered in recent archaeological excavations on the territory of Sozopol Municipality. Another direction in the development of the exhibition is related to the presentation of ancient icons and works of art that recreated Sozopol from the beginning of the century to the present time. Exhibitions of works of traditional crafts, applied arts and creative workshops for children are organized.