Museum “St. Nicholas” – Chernomorets

 The museum, created in 2014, is located in a separate building at 6 Baikal Street, Chernomorets. The exposition is spread on two floors, structured in two directions – archeology and ethnography. The ancient history of the region is presented by the thematic archeological exhibition “Chernomorets – the millennial beginning”. Ceramic vessels, stone and bone tools, discovered during excavations of the prehistoric settlement in Akladi locality (6th – 4th millennium BC) are presented. Archaeological finds (coins, ceramic vessels, amphorae and other artifacts) recreate the history of the early Byzantine fortress of Cape Akra (4th – 6th century) and the fortress of Cape Hrisosotira (6th century BC – 14th century AD). 

The museum

The ethnographic exposition “Life and Culture of the Coastal Strandja” is located on the second floor. The local ancient crafts are represented through agricultural and craft tools. A special display shows fisheries related equipment and supplies. The colorful variety of the collection is added by the traditional fabrics and clothing, characteristic of the ethnographic groups Ruptci, Zagortci and Tronki, inhabiting Sozopol and the coastal Strandzha region in the 18th – 19th centuries.

The accent in the exhibition is a collection of jewelry – decorated belt buckles (pafta), bracelets, rings, earrings and etc. They are an important element of women’s clothing and a mark for the social status and aesthetics of the Bulgarian woman.